Dare To Dream- 6 Weeks to Master the Energy, Manifest Your Dreams

Dare to Dream





Got a vision


or a dream,


you want to live to your full potential...


- yet you're not sure where to begin?






NOW is your time to:




Join us for this 6 Week Group Coaching Program



You will learn:


~How to apply the Law of Attraction to manifest your desires


~How to work with your energy and how alignment is the key


~How to manage your self-sabotage and limiting beliefs


~The EXACT steps to take to manifest anything


In this private group- you'll get the support you need to break through what's been holding you back so you can move toward the life you desire.


You'll have the support of other like-minded souls who are equally committed.


Listen to recent clients:



"You are an excellent teacher and facilitator. You created clear and actionable steps, thought provoking questions and inspiring meditations. And most importantly a safe and supportive environment where we can witness each other’s journeys."  ~LR
"You are a gem of a coach. Your love for your work shines through and you are truly changing lives."  -Dana B
"I have been thinking about our session yesterday, trying to put my experience into words.  You gave me so much to think about.     I found your energy to be a perfect balance between compassionate/kindness and encouragement/forward thinking.  You let me fill in the blanks and prompted me to trust myself.    I especially connected to the subtle tweaks you suggested in my internal language and the mantra/affirmations you shared with me.  The use of symbolism in my visualization was also enlightening.    I left our session feeling peaceful and grounded"   ~Carol C
"So grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you! You showed me how to free myself of old beliefs and wake up to all the possibilities in my life. Looking forward to your continued support and guidance as I move towards new dreams and goals." ~KB



What will happen over the 6 weeks?


WEEK 1: Future Self Meditation, Find Your Vision, Set Your Goal - Create Action Plan
WEEK 2: Learn to identify your Limiting Beliefs, Self-Sabotage as you stay ALIGNED to your vision
WEEK 3: More strategies to Master the Energy; Share wins and challenges; Group Support
WEEK 4: Setting Better Boundaries and FOCUS: What's working, what's not? 
WEEK 5: Learn to strengthen intuition; and trust your inner voice
WEEK 6: Celebration, and next steps planning. Bring in the JOY!


All for $555 for the entire 6 weeks! (then

price going up  to $597 after 3/10/2020)


BONUS:  includes 1 hour Coaching Session (value $300)


 (in -person or on-line!)


Time and Date to be announced!

Next on-line class now forming: MARCH 20th at 1:pm (NY time)

In Person:  TBD- 7pm - 8:30pm 


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