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💥Ever wish you had someone by your side, encouraging you, supporting you, cheering you on to move closer to your dreams?
Coach Catherine is that someone who will guide you toward your true purpose!💥

Catherine Epstein’s specialty is helping people live more fully from their hearts! This is ideal when you are looking to make a change in your life and are needing extra support and accountability. Studies have shown that it is possible to make changes when you are fully heard and held in a safe space.

Catherine Epstein, founder of the Living Lotus Group, is an experienced guide and instructor in meditation and mindfulness practices as well as an author of The Divine Dining Method, Reiki Master of the Traditional USUI Method, Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America (GG), and Certified Transformational Life Coach (CPC).

 Mindfulness Mentor, Author and Speaker – Catherine helps women kick overwhelm and resignation to the curb and instead… create an epic tale of a life without regrets – a life where opportunities aren’t lost, but taken… truth isn’t silenced, but spoken… mistakes aren’t the end, but a beginning of something better.

The perfect combination of practical with spiritual will yield you the results you’ve been looking for. Catherine’s approach to coaching is part laser-beam focus with a bit of Sagittarius optimism to get you up off the couch out back out into the world. She will hear your “yeah buts” but they won’t stay lingering in the air for long- as you’ll finally have the clarity and sense of purpose you’ve been craving. Learn how to say “F- off” to your inner critic while simultaneously embracing your inner bad-ass.

 Don’t keep yourself hidden anymore; it’s time to shift your mindset and break through your limiting beliefs. It’s time to take a second chance on yourself, and rise as the Leading Lady of your one precious life, so CLICK HERE to schedule a Complimentary Clarity Session  and let her help you embrace the fact that not only your life isn’t over… the best part is yet to come!


Motivated by the desire to make a difference, Catherine’s purpose is to help others transform their lives: whether through her weekly meditations, workshops and sound healing sessions or through the one-on-one experiences of individual reiki and life-coaching, Catherine’s life work is to reconnect others with their own hearts, aligning them with their soul’s path and their own divine intuition – a calling that manifested in Living Lotus Group, founded in 1989 as Artisan’s Well.

Catherine has written and developed several books and online courses, including "Enter Into Stillness," “Gateways of Inspiration” and “The Divine Dining Method" and "Under the Oak.” In addition to the weekly meditations she holds at the Sea Cliff Wellness Center, Catherine has led meditations and taught workshops for hundreds of people over the years, at public venues and private events alike.  She has performed crystal singing bowls and sound healing meditations at yoga studios, private retreats, as well as at the Open Center in NYC and in a private staff class at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.

Living Lotus Group is a dynamic resource for transformational tools of spiritual growth. A New York-based company rooted in holistic healing and mindful living, Living Lotus Group provides classes, workshops, and meditations; one-on-one and group services such as life-coaching, reiki, and sound healing; and artisanal jewelry, healing stones, crystal kits and more through its retail branch, Jewels of the Lotus.  Check out her website at

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5 Steps to Live More Fully From Your Heart!

5 Steps to Live More Fully From the Heart

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"Catherine has been an incredible source of guidance and clarity in my life. She not only helped me craft an attainable list of goals, but also provided the framework to implement those goals. I would recommend her to anyone desiring to take that next step in their life. "  ~ Kathleen E.