21 Day Divine Dining Challenge

10 Ways Divine Dining Can Change Your Life!

  1. SUPPORTS your efforts to slow down in a busy world and reconnect with your heart center
  2. TEACHES you to be mindful of your choices of healthy food to nourish yourself
  3. ACTIVATES a healthier and more balanced digestive process
  4. BRINGS conscious awareness to the energy you put into the act of eating
  5. TRANSFORMS the way you view food, encouraging you to eat with Love and Gratitude
  6. ASSISTS in honoring each meal as a special and sacred event.
  7. REMINDS you that you are in full control of your eating, which limits "too much" or "too little:
  8. INCREASES your awareness of the full range of your emotions, energy, and triggers
  9. DEEPENS your conscious connection to the source of your food and the process of its preparation
  10. ALIGNS you with the wisdom of your body, teaching you self-compassion and joy!

Since 2008, Catherine Epstein of the Living Lotus Group has been teaching the Divine Dining Method to help people create a Happy and Healthy relationship with food- FOR GOOD! REDUCE STRESS AND BRING INNER PEACE!

You'll get: 
* 21 days of Daily Inspirations sent directly to your inbox, Tips, Techniques, and journal prompts to keep you focused
* Exclusive membership to our secret Facebook group where you will interact with other members and get guidance from Catherine herself.

And...as a BONUS, you'll receive a signed copy of my book "The Divine Dining Method".


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Here's what our recent participants had to say!

"I am really blown away by the daily affirmations & instructions in the 21 Day Divine Dining Challenge.  This is just what I needed right now, so I'm really grateful.  I'd like to schedule a complimentary session to explore how I can work with you in the future."
Karen L

“In the Divine Dining Program~ Your lessons are nicely done. You make it easy to focus on the concepts. The emphasis on nonjudgment is helpful because judgment is probably one of the main causes of my resistance. I also found the use of the word "allow" over "try" helpful in easing my struggle a bit. "


“I was excited to get the chance to review this course before it was offered to the public. I found myself to be more peaceful and kind to myself. Instructions were easy to follow.  My biggest challenge is and always will be making the time to do this but I'm working on it!" 


“The Divine Dining Program taught me how to treat eating as a very important ritual –to relax, take deep breaths and be conscious of the act of eating. This program has to do with not how much you eat, but how you eat it.  It has helped me to bring my over-eating under control.”